I am Camille,

PhD student in the Time-domain astronomy group of Dr. Ondřej Pejcha at Charles University, Prague.


About Me

Interests and qualifications

I am interested in transients and binary interactions. My current focus is on stellar collisions, but I worked on cataclysmic variables and supernovae as well. I also have a strong interest in computational science.

2017 Bachelor's degree
Grenoble Alpes University
2020 Master's degree
Uppsala University


My research mainly focuses on transients, i.e. astronomical objects that undergo sudden and drastic changes. Depending on their nature, such events are observable at different wavelengths, they can last from milliseconds to years and can even reccur semi-periodically. I study different types of transients, including stellar collisions, cataclysmic variables, and thermonuclear supernovae.
You can find more details about my past and present projects below!



ImBaSE 2022

I made a poster about OGLE-BLG504.12.201843 for the workshop Impact of Binaries on Stellar Evolution!


OGLE-BLG504.12.201843, an extreme dwarf nova?

Paper on a peculiar cataclysmic variable that shows year-long outbursts recurring every 3 years!


The complex dynamical past and future of CzeV343

Study of the dynamics of the double eclisping binary CzeV343 and the future evolution of the sytem.


All my contributions
Poster for ImBaSE 2022, MPA, Garching, Germany
OGLE-BLG504.12.201843, A possible extreme dwarf nova
OGLE-BLG504.12.201843: A possible extreme dwarf nova,
Camille Landri, Ondřej Pejcha, Michał Pawlak, Andrzej Udalski, Jose L. Prieto, Manuel Barrientos, Jay Strader and Subo Dong, submitted to MNRAS, February 2022
The complex dynamical past and future of double eclipsing binary CzeV343: misaligned orbits and period resonance,
Ondřej Pejcha, Pavel Cagaš, Camille Landri, Michael M. Fausnaugh, Gisella De Rosa, Jose L. Prieto, Zbyněk Henzl, Milan Pešta, submitted to A&A, June 2022
Talk at the WDS, Charles University, Prague, Czechia
OGLE-BLG504.12.201843, An Extreme Dwarf Nova
The Peculiar IR Emission of SN2014dt,
Camille Landri, Master Thesis, Uppsala University, 2020

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Faculty of Mathematics and Physics - Charles University
V Holešovičkách 2/747
180 00 Praha 8
Czech Republic